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Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold shrinkable products Co.,Ltd.





Add:No. 2848,Jinxin Road, Jinjiaba Town, Wujiang District of Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China


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        Suzhou FeiBo heat shrink products Ltd is Jiangsu provincial high-tech enterprise, the company has strong technical strength, with a number of excellent material formulation and process development research professionals, and equipped with advanced production testing, process control and full range of facilities, has become one of the leading material manufacturers.

        Company professional production radiation cross Alliance hot shrink material DRS-1 series low temperature shrink flame retardant type casing, and SBG series three times hot shrink casing, and PTG and PEG series non-flame retardant hot shrink casing, and ZGR and MPG series high and low pressure bus protection casing, and FJRD series composite insulated hot shrink with, and DT half guide/insulated double wall hot shrink casing, and HTG-2 coated rubber in the wall nurse casing, and hot shrink type power cable annex, a dozen a series. Products are widely used in electric power, communications, electronics, metallurgy, mining, industry, mechanical and electrical, construction shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industries, is recommended by the national new products.

       Company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force, and supported by a wide range of scientific research units and for expert guidance and support, product quality has reached advanced domestic level, made the national product quality inspection certificate of competency, and passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, products sold at home and abroad, well received by the user’s consistent high praise.

       Company adhere to the “quality based on the brand, a marketing-centric, service-oriented” business philosophy. Production on a large scale, low-profit prices to seize the market, sincerely welcome customers to visit guidance.

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