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  • 10kv heat shrink tube

    Today we are talking about 10kv heat shrink tube, it can also be called busbar heat shrink tube. It is often used in places such as copper busbars and power distribution cabinets. Its main function is to provide insulation, protection, anti-...
    Release time:2021-06-15   Click times:62

  • Bus protection box

    Bus protection box is made of polymer polypropylene material, which is a conductor carrying current. Widely used in power sector and power equipment. Our Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shracking Products Co., Ltd. bus protection box can be divi...
    Release time:2021-06-13   Click times:82

  • Colors of heat shrink tube

    We often encounter a series of questions from customers to ask colors of heat shrink tube in daily work. Here we will briefly talk about this topic....
    Release time:2021-06-07   Click times:116

  • High pressure exhaust heat shrinkable tube

    Some customers think that PE pipe is better than PVC pipe. Some customers think that PE pipe is the same as PVC pipe. So what is the difference between PE pipe and PVC pipe? I believe that after reading this article, you will have a new und...
    Release time:2021-06-06   Click times:73

  • Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals

    As a manufacturer of cold and heat shrinkable products, Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has many different types of products. Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals belong to the series of cold shrink cable accessor...
    Release time:2021-05-31   Click times:81

  • The use of heat shrinkable tubes

    The purpose of a heat shrinkable tube is the insulation, sealing and protection of the cable. Simply put, it is to use the heat shrinkable tube on the live equipment. It has the functions of sealing, waterproof and electric insulation....
    Release time:2021-05-27   Click times:151

  • Heating precautions for heat shrink tube

    Today, let’s talk about the heating precautions for heat shrink tube. Before talking about the heating precautions, let’s briefly introduce heat shrink tube....
    Release time:2021-05-24   Click times:182

  • Heat shrink finger cots

    Today we will talk about heat shrink finger cots. Although heat shrink finger cots is a small accessory parts in the 1kv, 10kv and 35kv heat shrink cable terminal kits, it is still important....
    Release time:2021-05-18   Click times:194

  • Classification of cable terminal heads

    Today we will discuss the classification of cable terminal heads. This time we will classify them based on the material and the withstand voltage level of cable terminal heads....
    Release time:2021-05-17   Click times:194

  • Introduction of cable terminal

    Today we will make the introduction of cable terminal. In fact, the cable terminal is the part that connects the cable with other electrical equipment, and the cable middle connection is the part that connects two cables. ...
    Release time:2021-05-10   Click times:164

  • How to choose the correct heat shrink tube

    The problem that customers often encounter when buying heat shrink tube is how to choose the correct heat shrink tube. Knowing how to choose the correct heat shrink tube can help us better understand the product and further promote purchases...
    Release time:2021-05-03   Click times:79

  • Heat shrink tube suitable for daily life

    Heat shrink tube is useful in industrial sites, many people may know and understand this aspect. Because it is made of materials of polyolefin, it is heated to shrink and wrap tightly on the quilt object, which plays a role of insulation and...
    Release time:2021-04-28   Click times:204

  • Glue-containing heat shrink tube

    Glue-containing heat shrink tube is what we often call adhesived heat shrink tube. It can also be called double-wall tube, and counted as a variety of common products. ...
    Release time:2021-04-22   Click times:77

  • Advantages of flame retardant heat shrinkable tube

    The five aspects of heat resistance, low temperature and safety are to give you a comprehensive introduction to the advantages of the flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube....
    Release time:2021-04-20   Click times:160

  • Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery

    Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery, which is one of the many uses of heat shrink tube products, and it is also the one that has been used more frequently in recent years....
    Release time:2021-04-15   Click times:202

  • heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube

    Suzhou Fibo has more than ten years of experience. It has encountered large and small problems, most of which are product problems caused by the wrong method of heating the heat-shrinkable tube, so it is particularly important to choose a go...
    Release time:2021-04-14   Click times:74

  • The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life

    The heat shrinkable tube is used in the insulation protection of industrial products in the user's first impression. In fact, the heat shrinkable tube is also widely used in our lives....
    Release time:2021-03-31   Click times:92

  • Heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves

    Today we talk about heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves. Of course, in addition to five-finger sleeves, there are also four-finger, three-finger and two-finger sleeves. Here we will introduce heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves in detail...
    Release time:2021-03-25   Click times:160

  • Cold shrinkable cable terminal

    Our cold shrinkable cable terminal is made of silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber, which are elastomer materials, injected with raw materials in the mold of the factory and then vulcanized. ...
    Release time:2021-03-24   Click times:171

  • Irradiation process of heat shrinkable tube

    The degree of cross linking determines the expansion processing performance of the heat shrinkable tube and the shrinkage performance of the product....
    Release time:2021-03-20   Click times:115

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