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  • Cold & heat shrink insulation tubes

    Today, let’s talk about insulation tube. Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has two types, cold shrink insulation tubes and heat shrink insulation tubes, which we collectively called cold & heat shrink insulation tubes....
    Release time:2021-01-21   Click times:83

  • Factors affecting the price of middle wall heat shrinkable t

    In fact, in the production process of the middle wall heat shrinkable tubing, different heat shrinkable pipes need to be heated to a high elastic state in accordance with the standard, so that the load will be applied to help the expansion o...
    Release time:2021-01-20   Click times:55

  • 1KV intermediate joints

    Today we are talking about 1KV intermediate joints, also can be called 1kv intermediate connections. It can be divided into heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable intermediate joints according to their materials....
    Release time:2021-01-14   Click times:178

  • High voltage cold shrinkable cable accessories

    In a blink of an eye, 2020 is almost over. This year is the 15th year of our Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd., and it is also the 10th year that our company started to produce high voltage cold shrinkable cable access...
    Release time:2021-01-13   Click times:164

  • Cold shrinkable insulation tubes

    Today we are talking about cold shrinkable insulation tubes. The cold shrinkable products of Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. are made of silicone rubber....
    Release time:2021-01-07   Click times:138

  • Why is the environmentally friendly heat shrink tube popular

    The future demand for the heat shrink product market is huge, and environmentally friendly products have great room for development. Why is the environmentally friendly heat shrink tube popular?...
    Release time:2021-01-06   Click times:163

  • Yellow-green heat shrink tube

    Yellow-green heat shrink tube, as its name implies, is for two colors of yellow and green, which is also called double color tube. Compared with the monochromatic heat shrink tube, yellow-green heat shrink tube has the same manufacturing pro...
    Release time:2020-12-30   Click times:104

  • Classification of cable accessories

    Classification of cable accessories, according to different standards, can have different products. Clarifying the classification of cable accessories can deepen the knowledge and understanding of the product, so as to better choose the prod...
    Release time:2020-12-25   Click times:195

  • Steps of the production process of heat shrinkable tubing

    Today, I will tell you about the steps of the production process of heat shrinkable tubing. The process is more complicated. The production cycle of heat shrinkable tube is relatively long....
    Release time:2020-12-23   Click times:84

  • 10kv cold shrinkable cable terminal kits

    10kv cold shrinkable cable terminal kits refers to one of the cable accessory products suitable for use in the 8.7/15kv voltage area, and it is also the product often used in the market....
    Release time:2020-12-17   Click times:84

  • Thread of copper terminal

    Different situations require different thread of copper terminal. For spring terminals, we generally use non-threaded terminals....
    Release time:2020-12-15   Click times:163

  • Failure problems of cold shrink cable accessories

    Generally, cold shrink cable accessories are most likely to fail in the middle connector and terminal head of the cable and their vicinity, especially the production requirements of the middle connector are higher, so the possibility of hidd...
    Release time:2020-12-10   Click times:154

  • The difference between cold shrink tube and heat shrink tube

    As soon as some dealers promote it, the market scope has suddenly expanded to the current cold-shrinkable materials Can already keep pace with heat shrinkable materials. What charisma does the shrinkage attract people? Today we will talk abo...
    Release time:2020-12-09   Click times:152

  • Low-voltage cold shrink cable terminal kits

    Low-voltage cold shrinkable cable terminal kits, used in low-voltage areas, shrinks under natural conditions, is one kind of cold shrinkable cable accessory series products....
    Release time:2020-12-04   Click times:133

  • the selection of cold shrinkable cable accessories

    In addition to the selection of cold shrinkable cable accessories, the above-mentioned withstand voltage level needs to be considered, but also the actual situation of the cable, which is the number of cores and the square of the cable. ...
    Release time:2020-12-02   Click times:203

  • Cold shrinkable series products

    Cold shrinkable series products are another flagship series of products for Suzhou Feibo....
    Release time:2020-11-26   Click times:99

  • heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods

    If there are bulges or recesses, the paint will fall off more quickly. At this time, we need to use the heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods. The heat-shrinkable tube is wrapped on it to make up for or prevent the paint from falling....
    Release time:2020-11-25   Click times:96

  • Low-pressure heat shrink tube

    Low-pressure heat shrink tube, which is used in low-voltage areas, has the heat shrink properties, which is the main feature of this product....
    Release time:2020-11-19   Click times:73

  • Cleaning work for installing heat-shrinkable cable accessori

    Adsorption of dust and other debris in the ambient air on the heat-shrinkable cable accessories will cause some problems affecting the effect and quality, especially for cross-linked cables. High-pressure heat-shrinkable cable accessories sh...
    Release time:2020-11-17   Click times:149

  • Overseas market of heat shrink tube

    Overseas market of heat shrink tube refers to the popularity of heat shrink tube in foreign markets....
    Release time:2020-11-12   Click times:185

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