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  • Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery

    Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery, which is one of the many uses of heat shrink tube products, and it is also the one that has been used more frequently in recent years....
    Release time:2021-04-15   Click times:193

  • heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube

    Suzhou Fibo has more than ten years of experience. It has encountered large and small problems, most of which are product problems caused by the wrong method of heating the heat-shrinkable tube, so it is particularly important to choose a go...
    Release time:2021-04-14   Click times:65

  • Heat shrink finger cots

    Today we will talk about heat shrink finger cots. Although heat shrink finger cots is a small accessory parts in the 1kv, 10kv and 35kv heat shrink cable terminal kits, it is still important....
    Release time:2021-04-08   Click times:187

  • The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life

    The heat shrinkable tube is used in the insulation protection of industrial products in the user's first impression. In fact, the heat shrinkable tube is also widely used in our lives....
    Release time:2021-03-31   Click times:84

  • Heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves

    Today we talk about heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves. Of course, in addition to five-finger sleeves, there are also four-finger, three-finger and two-finger sleeves. Here we will introduce heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves in detail...
    Release time:2021-03-25   Click times:153

  • Cold shrinkable cable terminal

    Our cold shrinkable cable terminal is made of silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber, which are elastomer materials, injected with raw materials in the mold of the factory and then vulcanized. ...
    Release time:2021-03-24   Click times:165

  • Irradiation process of heat shrinkable tube

    The degree of cross linking determines the expansion processing performance of the heat shrinkable tube and the shrinkage performance of the product....
    Release time:2021-03-20   Click times:109

  • Heat shrinkable tube heating tool

    Heat shrinkable tube heating tool is an aspect that operators of heat shrinkable tube need to be clear about. Correct operation and use can give full play to the protective effect of heat shrinkable tube and reach the ideal expectations of c...
    Release time:2021-03-17   Click times:204

  • Double wall heat shrink tube

    Double wall heat shrink tube is also called adhesived heat shrink tube, double-walled tube with glue and so on....
    Release time:2021-03-11   Click times:74

  • Cold and heat shrinkable products

    Cold and heat shrinkable products are the general term for products with cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable characteristics....
    Release time:2021-03-04   Click times:61

  • About the introduction of car ties

    The car engine emits a lot of heat during the working process. Usually the temperature under the casing is quite high. Therefore, the car cable tie is required to have the ability to withstand high temperatures. In addition, the car will enc...
    Release time:2021-03-03   Click times:184

  • Wordless heat shrink tube

    Wordless heat shrink tube is actually the ordinary heat shrink tube we often said, but there is no printing on the surface of the tube, which does not reflect the product specifications....
    Release time:2021-02-25   Click times:119

  • How to buy qualified high temperature heat shrink tubing?

    although there are tens of thousands of high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes on the market, and their types are quite large, their quality is very different, so they have caused a great deal of trouble to the majority of customers. How to ...
    Release time:2021-02-24   Click times:185

  • Where to buy heat shrink tube

    Where to buy heat shrink tube, may be interesting to many people. Today we will discuss the question of where to buy heat shrink tube....
    Release time:2021-02-17   Click times:123

  • Transparent heat shrink tube

    Transparent heat shrink tube is a kind of heat shrink tube of different colors. It cannot be regarded as the regular color, but it also has relative market demand....
    Release time:2021-02-11   Click times:88

  • halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant heat s

    The standard content of each country and region is slightly different. The material of the heat shrinkable tube polyolefin halogen element must meet the relevant standards to become halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant heat ...
    Release time:2021-02-10   Click times:150

  • The price of cable connectors

    Today we talk about the price of cable connectors. In order to let customers understand more quickly, we introduce the price of cable connectors in two parts. The first part is the cable connectors, the second part is the price....
    Release time:2021-01-28   Click times:59

  • Insulating electrical tape

    Insulating electrical tape has good insulation, pressure, weather resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy, and is suitable for wire connection and electrical insulation protection....
    Release time:2021-01-27   Click times:163

  • Cold & heat shrink insulation tubes

    Today, let’s talk about insulation tube. Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has two types, cold shrink insulation tubes and heat shrink insulation tubes, which we collectively called cold & heat shrink insulation tubes....
    Release time:2021-01-21   Click times:88

  • Factors affecting the price of middle wall heat shrinkable t

    In fact, in the production process of the middle wall heat shrinkable tubing, different heat shrinkable pipes need to be heated to a high elastic state in accordance with the standard, so that the load will be applied to help the expansion o...
    Release time:2021-01-20   Click times:59

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