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Glycerin-free expansion machine

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Glycerin-free expansion machine

Release date:2018-08-27 author:admin Click:

    There is a good news to inform customers of our Suzhou Feibo, the glycerin-free expansion machine has entered the factory and is ready for production.
    In the previous article, we said that Suzhou Feibo has expanded the factory. This is a good phenomenon for us. It proves that the sales volume of our Suzhou Feibo is indeed rising, even faced with the situation of short supply, actually this is a problem for our customers, so we have been trying to alleviate this problem. As mentioned before, we have added factories to make warehouses for production. The workshop has added space, including 5 glycerin-free expansion machines this time, means are also trying to improve productivity and the shortage.
    Speaking of the glycerin-free expansion machine, after the granulation, extrusion and irradiation ends, the heat shrink tubing will be expanded using 
glycerin-free expansion machine, and after heating and contracting, it will be retracted to the original size, glycerin-free expansion machine, that is to say, when the expansion is not using glycerin,as the advanced production equipment, once we also mentioned that our factory in Wujiang, It can be counted as a small-scale gathering place for heat shrink tubing production. The heat shrink tubing production enterprises around us, and even the heat shrink tubing production enterprises in Yueqing, the hometown of electric appliances, have few glycerin-free expansion machines. Someone even never know the glycerin-free expansion machine before, and Suzhou Feibo, like our corporate beliefs and purposes, is at the forefront of the industry, introducing the glycerin-free expansion machine. First of all, we hope to increase production. We can reduce production pressure and meet customer needs. Secondly, in order to fulfill our social responsibilities, everyone should take the responsibilities to protect the environment, except for personal social responsibility. In addition, enterprises should implement to fulfill obligations.
    Because of the inconvenience caused by out of stock, Suzhou Feibo is really sorry, but the customers should be full of confidence in the future, because we have not slacked off, and have been committed to the improvement of production of heat shrink tubing, In a short period of time, we can properly solve the problem of out of stock.

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