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Suzhou Feibo agents

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Suzhou Feibo agents

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When it comes to the related issues of Suzhou Feibo agent, I have to introduce Suzhou Feibo first. Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. is a production manufacturer with rich production experience. Its main production is cold and heat shrinkable products. Next, let's briefly introduce the heat and cold shrinkable products of Suzhou Feibo.
Suzhou Feibo's cold shrinkable products have 1kv-35kv cold shrink cable accessories. The cold shrink cable accessory refers to the intermediate connection between the cold-shrink cable terminal and the cold shrink cable, which are collectively referred to as a cold shrink cable accessory. In addition to the complete set of cold shrink cable accessories, Suzhou Feibo can also purchase parts of cold-shrinkable cable accessories, such as 1-35kv cold-shrink insulation tubes, 1-35kv cold-shrink finger sleeves, etc., which can be purchased separately. Heat shrinkable products are more types than cold shrinkable products, such as 1-35kv heat shrinkable sleeve, 1-35kv busbar protection box, 1-35kv heat shrinkable cable attachment, 1-35kv heat shrinkable insulation tube, 1 -35kv heat shrink finger sleeves and so on.
The above simply said the heat and cold shrinkable products,If you are interested in our products or want to join the Suzhou Feibo family, you can come to understand. Then let us talk about
Suzhou Feibo agent. 
In order to become a
Suzhou Feibo agent, there are certain requirements. For example, the annual sales volume must meet the requirements. If you are interested, please come to consult. If you do not reach the annual sales, you are welcome to come to consult products and purchase. There is one more point I need to talk about. At present, Suzhou Feibo agent has an agreement. The place where the agent is normally is the transfer agent to communicate and understand. At this point, we hope that our customers can understand.

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