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Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold shrinkable products Co.,Ltd.;



Add:No. 2848,Jinxin Road, Jinjiaba Town, Wujiang District of Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China


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MANUFACTURER SUZHOU FEIBO founded on July 21, 2010,  is a professional manufacturer of cold and heat shrinkable products with a registered capital of 21.8 million RMB.

MANUFACTURER SUZHOU FEIBO with 10 years of industry experience,10 years only make heat shrinkable tube, focusing on the field of industrial power insulation protection sleeve.At the beginning of the company, under the leadership of Mr. Wu weirong, the general manager, all the staff made concerted efforts. Together through the initial production difficulties, marketing difficulties. Within a few years rapid development, a step by step set the FEIBO brand, volume has been growing steadily.

MANUFACTURER SUZHOU FEIBO has a strong technical force, has a number of domestic excellent engaged in the heat shrinkable material process formula and development and research of professional personnel, the introduction of advanced testing equipment and automatic production equipment, and equipped with advanced process control and production testing facilities, has a complete scientific quality management system.

MANUFACTURER SUZHOU FEIBO provide you with one-stop comprehensive solution of insulation sleeve cable accessories cold and hot shrink products procurement,  MANUFACTURER SUZHOU FEIBO will be your best choice.


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