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2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Technology Ex

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2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Technology Ex

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This year, Suzhou Feibo Heat&Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. will invest a large amount of personnel and financial support for foreign trade business. In 2019, our company intends to start participating in foreign exhibitions. It is expected that this year will participate in three international power exhibitions to broaden the sales of foreign trade. Our first participation is the next 2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition in July. I will talk about it below.
Because more than ten years before Suzhou Feibo were only domestic production and sales, the relevant materials and product packaging were all in Chinese. With the gradual development of the international trade situation and the steady progress of our company, our company started foreign trade in 2018, and the relevant qualifications have gradually been prepared. This
2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition is the first time that our company has participated in international exhibitions, so it is very important, and we have prepared for several months in advance.
Regarding the choice of the exhibition, we also checked a lot of information and consulted a lot of companies. From many exhibitions, we selected three exhibitions in Vietnam, Indonesia and Russia according to our product industry and strength. Information about the exhibition, such as product catalogs, posters, quotations, etc., is now in an orderly arrangement. With the gradual development of foreign trade work, our products and publicity will gradually change from the previous monolingual to Chinese and English bilingual. For example, the packaging may be adjusted, and we hope that our customers can accept it.
2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition will be held at Lawrence S. Ting Building 801 Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, Dist. 7 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, from July 17th to 20th. If you are interested, you can visit us. Our booth number is 44.

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