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Sales plan for the Vietnamese market

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Sales plan for the Vietnamese market

Release date:2019-11-15 author:admin Click:

Because we have not done any special market research on the heat shrinkable tube and cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories market in Vietnam and other countries, it is not clear about the situation in Vietnam. After the Ho Chi Minh Power Show in mid-July, we learned a little about it. The country of Vietnam, this market is small, but it is not small, because the electricity in their country is not very developed, so the demand is still there. However, from the perspective of a single customer, the number of orders is still small, so that the international transportation cost per transaction is relatively high. So how do we deal with this situation? Today, I will tell you about Suzhou Feibo’s sales plan for the Vietnamese market.
The boss of our company in Ho Chi Minh Electric Power Exhibition in Vietnam also personally participated. He talked a little bit about some local customers who know more about the products. The demand in the Vietnamese market is relatively small. Some large-scale power supply projects are monopolized by the government. So this time, Mr. Wu hosted a conference around the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Electric Power Exhibition and formulated a sales plan for the Vietnamese market.
Sales plan for the Vietnamese market:1. Develop local distributors in Vietnam. Vietnam is mainly divided into the south and the north. Our company is ready to support the development of an agent dealer in two places. If a small local retailer in Vietnam needs to purchase heat-shrinkable tubes or hot and cold-shrinkable cable accessories, they can get the goods directly from the dealer.
Sales plan for the Vietnamese market:2. Handling local inspections in Vietnam to obtain qualifications for project engineering. Several local customers have reported that our products must be tested in the relevant institutions in Vietnam. After the test is passed, they dare to purchase and supply them to the power supply station in Vietnam.
The sales plan for the Vietnamese market is mainly based on these two points. Considering the convenience of sales and delivery in the Vietnamese market in the future, our company intends to select a person with better qualifications and train the person in charge of our office in Vietnam. The person in charge of Vietnam needs to know more about the product and the local language of Vietnam is convenient for communication and product promotion. If you are interested, you can also contact us.

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