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Feibo India exhibition

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Feibo India exhibition

Release date:2020-02-05 author:admin Click:

Feibo India exhibition is that several days ago, our Suzhou Feibo went to India to participate in the power exhibition, which is also our first exhibition in 2020.
At present, the exhibition has ended and is currently in the Spring Festival holiday. Here, Suzhou Feibo also wish our customers, whether or not to cooperate with us, sincerely wish you happy new year and with a happy family. In 2020, at the beginning of the new year, Suzhou Feibo, as a manufacturing company, will continue to serve customers, adhere to the principle of customer first, and strengthen its social responsibility and contribute to the changing times.
The five-day Feibo India exhibition ended successfully. Many people say that, whether the domestic or foreign power exhibition, the exhibition has been used as a method of sales for many years, but in recent years, the role of the exhibition has actually weakened, more as a way of promotion. Generally speaking, the transaction orders through the exhibition are indeed decreasing, but the exhibition is undoubtedly an effective channel for customers to get close contact with our products and corporate culture, and also promote cooperation between buyers and sellers.
This time the Feibo India exhibition was full of harvests. In fact, before the departure, we were also full of confidence, because in our previous contacts, we found that India, as a country with a large population, has a large demand for power supplies. The products we produce match their actual needs. The actual exhibiting experience confirms this. We have received many business cards and inquiries, and also distributed product catalogs, so that more friends can know and understand us. We also found that according to the different national conditions, there are still differences in product quality and product prices at home and abroad, so we will also make adjustments based on actual conditions. At present, Suzhou Feibo has sufficient production capacity and can make fine adjustments to products, this is also our advantage as a manufacturer.

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