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Suzhou Feibo summer heatstroke prevention work

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Suzhou Feibo summer heatstroke prevention work

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The high temperature in parts of Northeast, Southwest, South China will "burn" until August, and Suzhou has also issued a yellow warning for high temperature. There is no breeze outside, and the high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius seems to be a big oven. In order to prevent employees and friends from heatstroke in such a hot weather, our company started the Suzhou Feibo summer high temperature and heatstroke prevention work as early as the beginning of the month.
Suzhou Feibo summer high temperature and heatstroke prevention work——theoretical training
In the early morning of July 4th, the relevant person in charge organized a high-temperature heatstroke prevention safety training, explaining some points of attention and tips on heatstroke prevention and cooling. And in order to consolidate everyone's memory, our company also issued a set of test papers related to heatstroke prevention training for everyone to do.
Suzhou Feibo summer high temperature and heatstroke prevention work——cooling equipment
The workshop is very large, and because of the large scale of production in Suzhou Fibo, basically each production process step is a workshop, so it is not suitable to install air conditioners like an office, but our company has many large fans in the workshop. Taking into account the complexity of the packaging process, some employees do not work in a fixed area, so our workshop does not install the fans fixedly but uses floor fans to facilitate the movement and adjustment of employees. This kind of large floor fan in the workshop is equipped with one for almost every two people in our company, and in some positions, one for one person, to ensure that everyone will not lose the wind.
Suzhou Feibo summer high temperature and heatstroke prevention work——Summer Benefits
As soon as the summer temperature came up, our company purchased a lot of water and drinks, and they also used the freezer to chill. In the past, each employee in the workshop had a bottle of iced water every day. In the hot weather, it was changed to one bottle in the morning and one bottle in the afternoon. Ice tea, salt soda, mineral water, etc. are available, with a wide variety of choices. In addition to iced water, the boss will also buy mung bean soup from time to time and bring us a bowl of iced mung bean soup in the sweltering heat, which refreshes the mind and takes away the heat of the body and mind.
Suzhou Feibo summer high temperature and heatstroke prevention work——heatstroke prevention drugs
Although the temperature is around 37°C and 38°C, the human body temperature is as high as about 48°C. There have been heatstroke incidents in the surrounding factories, our company has not yet, but our office will always keep heatstroke prevention drugs, such as Huoxiang Zhengqi pills, Fengyoujing, Shuzhen tablets and so on.

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