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Application of heat shrink tape

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Application of heat shrink tape

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The heat shrink tape series is actually designed for the corrosion protection of steel pipeline welds and the insulation patching of insulated pipelines. Like heat shrink tubing it is made from a radiation cross-linked polyolefin base material and a special sealing hot melt adhesive, which forms a good bond with the polyolefin base material, the steel pipe surface and the solid epoxy coating. Heat shrink tape in the industry is also called a live set, compared to the dead set of heat shrink tube, generally in the use of heat shrink tape, but also with adhesive strips and fixed piece, and relative to the heat shrink tube, heat shrink tape production technology is also relatively more simple, the end use is also more convenient.
The common heat-shrinkable tape on the market is 1kv, 10kv and 35kv, 1kv low voltage heat-shrinkable tape is routinely 10m/roll, high voltage is mainly 5m/roll, the conventional colour is basically red, yellow, green and black, the product colour and trial range basically meet the needs of users.
Main applications:
Substation switchgear bus bar anti-condensation, anti-fouling flash, anti-corrosion treatment; over the ground curve or other charged body of the anti-foreign body lap, anti-personal casualty accident, anti-small animal short-circuit fault insulation protection processing; cable outer sheath by mechanical damage, burn or organic solvent erosion damage to the local repair; . Waterproof sealing treatment for the sheath port of heat-shrinkable cable intermediate joints;. Any charged body to the ground distance is not enough or the same distance is not enough composite insulation treatment; black for cable sheath broken repair, with good sealing, bonding one to form a complete repair system.
Heat-shrinkable tape in the heating installation, its heat-shrinkable tape substrate in the radial shrinkage at the same time, the heat-shrinkable tape of the internal composite rubber layer melting, will be tightly wrapped in the place of the patch, and the substrate - together, can form a solid anti-corrosion body outside the pipe, while having excellent resistance to wear and tear, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and good resistance to ultraviolet light and light aging properties.

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