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  • 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories

    Today we are talking about 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories, which are composed of cold shrinkable cable terminal kits and cold shrinkable cable intermediate connections....
    Release time:2022-05-31   Click times:126

  • The role of copper braid

    Copper products in the electrical industry is an integral part of the copper braid as one of the high use of products, so what exactly is the role of the embodiment? Today we will learn about copper braid . Copper braid as a conductor, the...
    Release time:2022-05-14   Click times:126

  • Cable insulation tube

    Cable insulation tube, usually refers to the insulation tube that shrinks on the outer layer of the cable, which plays a role for insulating and protecting effect....
    Release time:2022-05-07   Click times:114

  • The production of heat shrink tubing

    Heat-shrink tubing (or, commonly, heat shrink or heatshrink) is a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and ter...
    Release time:2022-04-17   Click times:194

  • Introduction of medium wall heat shrinkable tube

    Mid-wall heat shrink tube advantage details: mid-wall with rubber heat shrink tube is generally used in the insulation layer of low-voltage power engineering goods safety protection and communication equipment contradiction at the moisture-...
    Release time:2022-04-16   Click times:125

  • Busbar protection box

    Busbar protection box is used for the electrical node. Its appearance is similar to a small box, including type I, L, T, etc. The voltage withstand grade is 1kv, 10kv and 35kv, and the types are single-layer, double-layer and three-layer....
    Release time:2022-04-11   Click times:143

  • Cold Shrink finger cots

    Today we will talk about the product of Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. of cold shrink finger cots....
    Release time:2022-03-09   Click times:119

  • PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

    Physical and mechanical properties of PVC heat shrinkable sleeve : 1. Product appearance: smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no oil stains, impurities, or folding. 2. Specific gravity: 1.36. 3. Thermal shrinkage rate: test...
    Release time:2022-02-19   Click times:164

  • The function and use of heat shrinkable cable caps

    Heat-shrinkable cable end caps are also called cable end caps, cable heat-shrinkable end caps, cable caps, head caps, and cable sealing caps. The opening of the cable cap is coated with high-performance hot-melt glue, the cable cap can shri...
    Release time:2022-02-13   Click times:144

  • Cracked problems of heat shrink tube

    Cracked problems of heat shrink tube, means the problem that customers often encounter. Here we will explain to you to deepen the understanding of heat shrink tube....
    Release time:2022-01-19   Click times:120

  • PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

    The difference between PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve...
    Release time:2022-01-16   Click times:124

  • Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube

    Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube is one of the important functions of heat shrink tube, and it is also the reason why many customers choose heat shrink tube....
    Release time:2021-12-30   Click times:158

  • Low voltage cable terminal kits

    Today we are talking about low voltage cable terminal kits, which can be divided into heat shrinkable cold shrinkable ones according to the material....
    Release time:2021-12-25   Click times:176

  • Cold shrinkable terminal

    Cold shrinkable terminal, together with the cold shrinkable intermediate connection, belongs to cold shrinkable cable accessories and is a kind of product with high customer demand....
    Release time:2021-12-16   Click times:191

  • Insulation protection of heat shrinkable pipe

    The insulation protection function of heat shrinkable pipe is one of the very important roles played by heat shrinkable pipe, and it is also the reason why many customers choose heat shrinkable pipe....
    Release time:2021-11-29   Click times:98

  • Heat shrinkable casing for daily life

    Today we will talk about the special heat shrink casing for daily life. Why do we want to talk about the special heat shrink casing for daily life?  In fact, there are many places in daily life to use heat shrink tubing.    ...
    Release time:2021-11-18   Click times:80

  • Heat shrinkable intermediate connection

    Before xiaobian has said the content of cold shrinkage middle connection, today we talk about the content of heat shrinkage middle connection. We all know that the intermediate connection according to the product material can be divided int...
    Release time:2021-11-10   Click times:115

  • Transparent heat shrinkable tube

    Transparent heat shrinkable tube, in fact, is also one of the many heat shrinkable tube colors, but this color is relatively special, just like water, showing colorless transparent shape. ...
    Release time:2021-11-03   Click times:142

  • Flame retardant heat shrinkable tube

    Flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, in fact, is also a kind of heat shrinkable tube.  Compared with the conventional heat shrinkable tube, the flame retardant effect is increased, which is welcomed by some customers....
    Release time:2021-10-20   Click times:83

  • Rubber containing heat shrinkable tube

    The heat shrinkable tube with glue is what we often call the heat shrinkable tube with glue. It can also be called double wall tube. It can also be regarded as a more common product. The difference between the heat shrinkable tube with glue...
    Release time:2021-10-13   Click times:133

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