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Printed heat shrink tubing

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Printed heat shrink tubing

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Printed heat shrink tubing is a relative concept to the unprinted heat shrink tubing that we mentioned before. Printed heat shrink tubing is also our ordinary heat shrink tubing.
Printed heat shrink tubing is a common type of product in our external sales. If the customer does not have special requirements, we packed the printed heat shrink tubing. If the customer asks for the need of unprinted heat shrink tubing or other, we will also arrange the production. We have always placed our customers in a very important position, so for us, the requirements of our customers, as long as we can do it, we will do our best to make customers feel satisfied.
Printed heat shrink tubing, what are the printed fonts? Printed heat shrink tubing, will have a printing process, different specifications of heat shrink tubing, the specific specifications are different, this is also the reason why some customers choose the printed heat shrink tubing, the specifications are printed on the surface, which is convenient for customers to sort and identify. Because customers like dealers , they will have different specifications for each delivery. At this time, printed heat shrink tubing can has an advantage. Usually printed heat shrink tubing will be marked with model specifications, temperature and English words, different manufacturers print fonts different.
Printed heat shrink tubing, we will produce corresponding heat shrink tubing printing wheels according to the classification of heat shrink tubing, just like the various specifications of heat shrink tubing, we need to have production grinding tools of various sizes and arrange production personnel. After the printing process is completed, heat shrink tubing will be packaged, and after the inspection is completed, the tube will be arranged for storage, and the product is delivered to the customer, and the entire process from production to sales is completed.
As mentioned above, it is related to printed heat shrink tubing. In fact, whether it is printed or not, these two are the same. For customers, there is no need to worry about the quality, the same raw materials, customers can rest assured.

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