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Shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories

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Shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories

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Many people will confuse the service life and shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories, and they cannot understand the two concepts. Today, I will come to general introduction to help you understand. Today, I will come to general introduce this to help you understand.
What is the concept of the
shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories? Simply put, the longest finite time period from the completion of the production of the cold shrink cable accessory product to its use. During this period, the product should be stored in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, and the performance of the product should meet the requirements and requirements. The shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories is the commitment of the manufacturer to the customer's users. If the product is unqualified after being stored according to the requirements, it is the quality problem of the cold shrink product itself. The customer has the right to request the return and exchange. Our Suzhou Feibo is also free to return the product quality problem.
The service life is different from the shelf life. The service life refers to the time when the product can run stably under normal working conditions after the cold shrink cable accessory is installed.
The service life given by the manufacturer is actually only a theoretical estimate. How long the actual service life can be related to the specific use environment, etc. Therefore, the
shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories does not equal the service life.
The cold shrink cable accessory is mainly made of silicone rubber and expanded to form a polymer material. Polymer materials are more prone to aging and cause more aging factors, such as temperature cycling UV or external substances. This is why the
shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories is relatively short. Cold shrink products enter the aging cycle from the beginning of raw material production, and aging will greatly affect the shrinkage deformation rate of cold shrink products. The shrinkage range of the cold shrink cable attachment itself is limited, and if it is in an extended state for a long period of time, the problem of shrinkage may not be in place.
Therefore, the
shelf life of cold shrink cable accessories in our company is one year, and our company officially issued the above notice after the Spring Festival in 2019. We hope that our customers will cooperate with you if you are inconvenienced.

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