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cable repair patch

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cable repair patch

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In 2019, we will further increase the product type and broaden the scope of product sales, such as PVC heat shrinkable tubes, bellows, cable ties, cable repair patches, etc., and our Suzhou Feibo will gradually introduce production and sales. Today I will introduce you to the special heat shrinkable tube of cable repair patch.
Cables are currently widely used in the power industry and the communications industry, but previous cable breakage has been a headache for repair workers. The cost of directly replacing the cable is too high, and the method of repairing the cable without changing or thinking can not solve the problem. So the emergence of
cable repair patches is a very simple solution to this problem.
More commonly used is the zipper
cable repair patch. The name of this product is derived from the use of a zippered metal clip for the patch. The cable repair patch is coated with hot melt adhesive, which has simple construction and good insulation, sealing, moisture proof, impact resistance and wear resistance. It has a wide application range and is suitable for various occasions.
cable repair patch can be used for repairing the outer sheath of the power cable, and the outer sheath of the 1 to 35KV cable can be insulated and sealed easily and quickly. The cable repair patch can be used for the protection of the low-voltage cable production branch, and the cable branch and the line are taken out without cutting the cable. This operation is often used in railway projects. The cable repair patch is mainly irradiated with cross-linked polyethylene sheath material, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and has excellent mechanical properties. Therefore, this product is widely used in marine, offshore platforms and container terminals. The current trend of urbanization construction is the entry of power and communication cables into the ground, and cable repair patches can also be used in large quantities for the protection of power entry projects. The cable repair patch can also be used for the secondary sealing of the cable-type cable connector box, and other working environments that require anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and mechanical protection.
The above is the whole content of the
cable repair patch. Generally, the heat shrinkable sleeve is tubular. Do you know that the special heat shrinkable tube of the cable repair patch has left a deep impression on you?

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