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Material characteristics of cold shrink cable accessories

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Material characteristics of cold shrink cable accessories

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The cold-shrinkable cable attachment is a cable attachment component that is injection molded from an elastomeric material such as silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber and then expanded with a plastic spiral support strip. When installing on site, first put the cold-shrink cable accessory on the end of the cable or the joint, then slowly pull out the inner support bar and it will automatically retract and tighten. Due to the material characteristics of cold shrink cable accessories imparted by an elastomer material such as silicone rubber, it is elastically retractive at normal temperature, and does not need to be heated and shrunk by heat source like a heat-shrinkable product, thus obtaining this name "cold-shrink cable accessory".
Today, let’s talk about the
material characteristics of cold shrink cable accessories. At present, all raw materials of Suzhou Feibo cold-shrinkable cable accessories are imported. The silicone rubber used has excellent insulation and high recovery elasticity. After the device, there is no breakdown and click-through due to the breathing effect of the cable running. All products are made of special sealing glue to bond the joint parts, complete the whole seal, and prevent and prevent the operation accident caused by the atmospheric ring collision.
material characteristics of cold shrink cable accessories are small in size, easy to operate, simple and quick, no special tools, wide application range and few product specifications. The radial pressure on the cable body can be "breathed" with the cable, and the waterproofness is sealed. It is good to ensure long-term and reliable operation.

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