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Three-core cable terminal

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Three-core cable terminal

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There are many specifications and types of cable terminals, today we will talk about the three-core cable terminal.
According to the withstand voltage level, three-core cable terminal can be divided into three types: 1kv, 10kv and 35kv three-core cable terminal. Among them, 1kv three-core cable terminal is what we call the low-voltage cable terminal, 10kv and 35kv three-core cable terminal belong to the high-voltage cable terminal.
Low-voltage cable terminal. The composition is simple, mainly including insulation tubes and finger sleeves. Low-voltage cable terminal from single-core to five-cores, low-voltage three-core cable terminal is for finger sleeve and three insulation tubes.
High-voltage cable terminal. Corresponds to the low-voltage cable terminal, the composition of the high-voltage cable terminal is slightly complicated. It is mainly composed of insulation tube, stress tube, finger sleeve, sealing tube, etc., because the applicable voltage is higher, so the requirements for the product will be higher. Different from the low-voltage cable terminal, It has only single-core and three-core. Generally, three-core cable terminal is used more.
Three-core cable terminal can be divided into two types according to the material: heat and cold shrinkable. Heat shrinkable cable terminal is made of pe material, which has the characteristics of shrinking after heating and then tight wrapping on the quilt cover. Cold shrinkable cable terminal is made of silicone rubber. Because of its special material, it only needs to pull out the white plastic support strip in the cold shrinkable tube to make it tightly cover the quilt cover.
The above is the content of the three-core cable terminal, there are many specifications and types for choose. When purchasing, customers can choose according to their actual needs, and can also consult the relevant sales personnel.

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