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Insulation tube

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Insulation tube

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Today we will talk about the insulation tube, which are used together in the cable terminal. It can be said that insulation tube is an indispensable part of the heat and cold shrinkable terminal.
Insulation tube can be divided into two types according to the material of heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable insulation tube; According to the pressure resistance grade, they can also be divided into three types of 1kv, 10kv and 35kv insulation tube, also means low-voltage and high-voltage insulation tube.
The raw material of heat shrinkable insulation tube is mainly made of PE. It is required to be heated by professional heating tool during installation, then it will be tightly wrapped around the quilt cover object. Low-voltage heat shrinkable insulation tube with five colors of red, green, yellow, black and blue. The conventional length is 600mm. High-voltage heat shrinkable insulation tube is only for red color, and the conventiona length is 650mm for 8.7/15kv, and 800mm for 26/35kv.
The raw material of cold shrinkable insulation tube is mainly made of silicone rubber, the inner plastic support bar can be extracted during installation. Low-voltage cold shrinkable insulation tube is available in both color and gray. Generally, most of the products on the market are gray. We have decided to produce color in order to make customers have more choices. The regular length of each is 400mm. High-voltage cold shrinkable insulation tube is different in color and length, only for gray color. The conventiona length is 400mm for 8.7/15kv, and 500mm for 26/35kv.
Another point to mention is that whether it is cold shrinkable or heat shrinkable, low-voltage or high-voltage, insulation tube needs to be re-customized in addition to our conventional length, so the production time will be longer than usual.
The above is the content of insulation tube, we hope these introduction can help our customers know about the products at the time of purchase.

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