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Sealing method of the cable accessories

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Sealing method of the cable accessories

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Since most of the cable heads are in outdoor environments such as overhead and direct burial, waterproof and moisture-proof gas are one of the key factors for the safe operation of the cable-end cable head. It is also necessary to consider its sealing function and method. Today I will tell you about the sealing method of the cable accessories.
There are two general
sealing method of the cable accessories:
One is a method of potting with asphalt or epoxy resin. This method is not well controlled and is not conducive to maintenance. Another new method is also the preferred method for domestic and foreign professional manufacturers at that time. It is to use high-elasticity sealant. The process is simple, reliable, and easy to maintain equipment. These benefits also make it the mainstream of the application. The first step in using this new method is to think about the function of the sealant. Since the quality and function of the sealant directly affects the sealing function of the joint, it is also possible to select a glue that can bond with the surface of the cable body and the surface of the accessory material. It is also satisfactory to change the environment at abnormal temperature.
sealing method of the cable accessories in cold shrink product is actually an elastic cable attachment, that is to say, the elasticity of the liquid or solid silicone rubber itself is pre-expanded into the plastic and the support bar. When the scene is placed in the specified orientation, the support strip is removed to make it naturally shortened. This cold-shrink attachment has excellent "elasticity" to avoid thermal expansion and contraction of the cable due to the atmospheric environment and the load on the cable. The biggest drawback of heat shrinkable attachments is that they are not elastic and cannot breathe with the cable. Therefore, the fully cold-shrinkable attachment is the best choice for applications with large temperature differences and high environmental impact.
The above is the content of the
sealing method of the cable accessories. If you don't understand anything or need to add it, please feel free to contact us!

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