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Two-color heat shrink tube

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Two-color heat shrink tube

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Two-color heat shrink tube is also counted as one of many colors, showing a stripe-like distribution.
Two-color heat shrink tube, that is, heat shrink tube of a certain specification, includes two colors, which is slightly different from the conventional color of heat shrink tube, which is not the monochromatic heat shrink tube. Of course, from the perspective of product quality, two-color heat shrink tube is no different from others. It is made of the same raw materials and production process, in the extrusion process, because of the two product colors, two types of abrasives were used, using two colors of PE particles.
At present, the common two-color heat shrink tube on the market is yellow-green color. Some customers also call it yellow-green tube. In terms of product sales, the market demand for two-color heat shrink tube will be relatively small, which is related to the using areas. For example, the grounding wire is used, and in some places, it acts as a warning, because the yellow-green color is relatively obvious. The color will give people a bright feeling and will also attract attention.
Two-color heat shrink tube, which is common in the domestic market, is a combination of yellow and green, but it is not limited to these two colors. As long as it is required by customers, it can be a combination of other two colors, such as red and green. Production can be arranged, because for the manufacturer, the arrangement of two colors, there is no difference in the production method and arrangement, as long as the customer determines the actual needs and tell us.
For customers, choosing the heat shrink tube color according to their own needs. For the manufacturer, we will summarize the previous sales experience. Stocks are available for direct ordering when customers place orders. For products with high market demand, we will arrange more stocking. For customers who need less, the stocking volume is relatively small. 

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