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Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape

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Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape

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Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape, also known as heat shrinkable cladding tape, is composed of a heat-shrinkable heat-shrinkable material and a hot-melt adhesive layer. Repeated winding and heating shrinkage on the bare wire to form a sealed integral insulation protection is the preferred convenient heat shrinkable material for the outer protective layer of the overhead bare wire integrated protection structure.
Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape is usually used for insulation protection of special-shaped parts of power products such as medium and high-voltage substations and high and low voltage switchgear. It has the characteristics of flame retardant and pressure resistance. The thickness of the substrate has various thicknesses of 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm depending on the voltage strength. The thickness of the hot melt adhesive layer is generally about 0.2 mm, and the width is 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, and 100 mm. The standard colors are red, yellow, and green. Other colors and sizes are available upon request.
Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape has the following characteristics: 1. Composite structure, the inner layer molten outer layer shrinks when heated, the wound layer can be bonded into one body; 2. Excellent point insulation good flame retardancy, high mechanical strength; The installation requires regular winding, one layer needs to be crimped to the upper layer 1/2 and above, and then heat shrinks; 4. Due to the action of the hot melt adhesive, the outer layer of the cable can be well bonded and integrated.
Due to the characteristics and characteristics of these products, the composite insulation heat shrinkable tape products have a wide range of use, mainly including the following: 1. Waterproof sealing treatment of the heat-shrinkable cable intermediate joint sheath port; 2. Substation switch cabinet busbar anti-condensation, Anti-pollution flashing and anti-corrosion treatment; 3. Over-the-ground curve or other anti-foreign material overlapping of charged body to prevent personal injury and death, prevent insulation failure of small animal short-circuit fault; 4. Cable outer sheath receives mechanical damage and burns Partial repair of damage or organic solvent corrosion damage; 5, black composite insulation heat shrinkable tape for cable sheath damage repair, with good sealing, bonding to form a complete repair system, than the traditional PVC repair tape, heat The materials such as the tape are safer and more durable; 6. Any composite body with insufficient ground distance or insufficient distance between the phases.

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