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Cold shrink cable termination kit

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Cold shrink cable termination kit

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Cold shrink cable termination kit is made by special process and has cold shrink properties.
Cold shrink cable termination kit, used with cable, is made of silicone rubber. The product is flexible. It is divided into low-voltage and high-voltage according to different voltage levels. If it is the low-voltage cold shrink cable termination kit, it is colorful and gray. If it is the high-voltage cold shrink cable termination kit, the color is gray.
In daily life, it is easy to find the cold shrink cable termination kit. It just means that if customers do not in the industry of heat and cold shrink products, they will be less familiar with our products. On both sides of the road, you can often see the installed cold shrink cable termination kit. When the customer walks on the road, please look up, because the sales show to the customer usually the full set of un-installed pictures, the actual and installed cold shrink cable termination kit are somewhat different, and the latter can help deepen understanding.
In addition, the market share of cold shrink cable termination kit has shown an upward trend in recent years. In the past, the power sector, for the procurement of cable accessories, the majority of heat shrink products, that is, during the installation process, the operator needs to heat beforehand, until the heat shrink cable termination kit is completely cool before moving, if not, there will be tearing. Although the operation method of the heat shrink cable termination kit is not complicated, cold shrink cable termination kit is more convenient.
When installing, it shrinks with natural temperature and does not require external heating. When the customer gets the cold shrink products, they will see the white support bar inside the product. When used, there is no extra. The steps only need to pull out the support strip, the reason why the cold shrink cable termination kit is gradually being loved by the market and the power sector.
Cold and heat shrink cable termination kit, which have different aspects in product composition, raw material selection, production process, etc., but both belong to the cable accessories series, the main application departments and their roles are the same.

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