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How much of the cable terminal

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How much of the cable terminal

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Today we talk about how much of the cable terminal. In fact, this topic is interest to many people. Here we will briefly talk about it.
When it comes to how much of the cable terminal, let's introduce the cable terminal first. The cable terminal produced by Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. can be divided into two materials of cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable cable terminal.
Cold shrinkable cable terminal is made of silicon rubber material through a series of special processing processes, so that it can be installed and operated without using heating tools during construction. It is also for the special nature of the material that the cold shrinkable cable terminal has a high elasticity. On the other hand, it can also reflect that it has the "breathing" effect with the cable.
Heat shrinkable cable terminal is made of PE, polyolefin and other materials through a series of processs. The processing technology required to be heated during operation. It is necessary to use heating tools to shrink with a certain temperature and tightly wrap on the quilt cable, during the heating process, pay special attention to whether the heating method is standardized and prudent, and the quilt cable has been checked before construction operations. The surface is smooth and burr-free.
The above briefly introduces two kinds of cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable cable terminal produced by Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. Next is how much of the cable terminal. According to the above, we can see that cold shrinkable operation method is more convenient and faster, the price is a little expensive. In fact, in addition to the material of the product will affect how much of the cable terminal, there are many factors can affect the price. For example, specifications, pressure levels and quality, etc.
In fact, regardless of which material, its products are divided into 1kv, 10kv, and 35kv. Among them, the higher the pressure rating of the same material and model, the more expensive it is; It is known that the cable terminal is quoted according to the specifications and models, that is, the applicable square price. For example, the applicable square of 1kv is 10-16mm2, 25-50mm2, 70-120mm2, 150-240mm2, 300-400mm2, the larger the applicable square of the cable terminal under the same voltage rating, the more expensive it is.

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