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Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties

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Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties

Release date:2020-01-31 author:admin Click:

How much do you know about using nylon cable ties? Do you know how to use this product correctly? If you don't know these things, it will be very difficult for you to use nylon cable ties. Here are some basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties:
Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties:1. Do not store or store nylon cable ties in high temperature environment. Under high temperature, nylon cable ties will gradually change from white to yellow. If you find this problem before using nylon cable ties, it is best not to Use this nylon cable tie. The appearance of this color nylon cable tie has gradually weakened in strength, continued to use will only appear to break.
Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties:2. No matter what type of nylon cable tie, try not to pull it with brute force. Nylon cable ties will break under excessive force. Using nylon cable ties requires skill rather than strength. If you are a consumer using brute force, you will only waste nylon cable ties indefinitely.
Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties:3. Nylon cable ties stipulate that nylon cable ties can be used normally in an environment of -40 to 80 degrees Celsius, but it is best to use nylon cable ties in an environment of 23 degrees Celsius.
Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties:4. When you choose nylon cable ties, don't judge by color alone. Many customers just think that the whiter nylon cable ties will be better. This is actually wrong. The most accurate product quality is judged from multiple aspects.

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