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Cable outdoor terminal

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Cable outdoor terminal

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Today we will talk about cable outdoor terminal. From the topic cable outdoor terminal, we can guess that what we are going to talk about is the high voltage cable terminal. Because only the high voltage cable terminal has the difference between indoor and outdoor, and the low voltage does not.


The high pressure mentioned above actually refers to the two withstand voltage levels of 10kv and 35kv. Because Suzhou Feibo's cable outdoor terminal is divided into heat shrinkable material and cold shrinkable material. So next we will talk about cable heat shrinkable outdoor terminals and cold shrinkable cable outdoor terminals.


First of all, let’s talk about the heat shrinkable cable outdoor terminal. The heat shrinkable product is made of PE, EVA, polyolefin, etc. Because of the special processing technology, the material has the function of heating to shrink when heated, so as to be tightly wrapped on the object. This also makes the use of heat shrinkable cable outdoor terminals wider and wider and get more and more popular.


Next, let's talk about the cold shrinkable cable outdoor terminal. The cold shrinkable product is made of silicone rubber. Due to its special processing technology, its operation and construction is exceptionally fast and convenient. The operator simply removes the white plastic support strip from the cold shrinkable product during installation and then completes the installation. The cold shrink product will be tightly wrapped on the cable according to its unique high elasticity performance. Because of its own advantages, the cold shrinkable cable outdoor terminal does not need to use open flames, so it has won the love of mines, oil, chemicals, etc.



The above is the entire content of the cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable cable outdoor terminal. Regardless of whether you choose a cold shrinkable cable outdoor terminal or a heat shrinkable outdoor cable terminal, as long as it is suitable for your needs, it is the best. If you are interested in Suzhou Feibo's products, you are welcome to come to further consultation and understanding.

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