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The black stress control tube

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The black stress control tube

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The black stress control tube is the heat shrink tubing that achieves the effect of dispersing electrical stress without destroying the effect of the main insulating layer. Its material is made of a variety of polymer materials blended or copolymerized, the general substrate is a polar polymer, and then a high dielectric constant filler and so on. The black stress control tube is also an important part of heat shrink cable accessories. Its performance stability and high quality level are directly related to the reliability and service life of heat shrinkable accessories.
The black stress control tube is mainly used to moderate and disperse the electrical stress at the cut end of the cable. It has a moderate volumetric resistance and a large dielectric constant.
There are also a little technical problems during the use of the black stress control tube as follows. The first is to ensure that the electrical parameters of the black stress control tube must meet the standards; The second is that we need to pay attention to the sealing technology, because the heat shrinkable attachment is less elastic, and the thermal expansion and contraction during operation may cause gaps in the interface. If it is not sealed, it will cause moisture intrusion; The third is to pay attention to the installation of heat shrinkable cable accessories. The distance between the black stress control tube and the insulating shield, because the cross-linked cable will have a relatively large shrinking during operation due to poor stress handling. If this is done, the black stress control tube can be prevented from separating from the insulating shield.
The black stress control tube produced by Suzhou Feibo is the tubing with black color and the length of 15cm. It has a soft texture and good performance parameters. The black stress control tube has the characteristics of light weight, simple installation and good performance. The most important point is that the cost performance of the product is relatively high. The black stress control tube is also a common item in the heat shrinkable cable accessories. It is indispensable. If you need it, you can contact us for sales.


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