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How to match heat shrink tube and cable

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How to match heat shrink tube and cable

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How to match heat shrink tube and cableAccording to the outer diameter of the cable and the shrinking inner diameter of the heat shrinkable tube, the inner diameter of the heat shrinkable tube itself is the expanded size. The expansion ratio is 2:1, 3:1, 4:1. You can choose according to your actual needs.
How to match heat shrink tube and cable? For example, if your cable diameter is 8mm, then you choose a heat-shrinkable tube with a diameter of 12mm or more, because it is easy to put it in, and it depends on how many times the heat-shrinkable tube shrinks. Conventional heat shrinkable tubes have a shrinkage ratio of 2: 1, 3: 1, and 4: 1. Like a 2: 1 heat shrinkable tube, a 16 mm tube can be selected to shrink to 7.5 mm, so that it can be used for a 8 mm diameter cable on.
How to match the heat shrink tube and the cable, the tools you need to prepare: 1. Gasoline spray gun; 2. Crimping pliers; 3. White towels; 4 , At least 2 workers. Operation method: After the heat shrink tube is set, bake from the port evenly.
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