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Anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable sleeve

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Anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable sleeve

Release date:2020-02-29 author:admin Click:

Badminton is deeply loved by the majority of athletes before, users' experience of products is not only rising. At present, the large-scale manufacturers use winding tape to stick to the package and guard of the handle. These production processes have high cost and complicated procedures at the same time. The low-grade fishing tackle is just a smooth wooden rod, which operates the rubber sleeve to prevent slipping. The handle is not good. The simple slipping makes the fishing tackle slide into the water in many cases. This design has also been complained by many customers and friends.
The handle like fishing rod badminton racket mainly needs to have a beautiful appearance that can prevent slipping. The anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable sleeve created by our company can perfectly solve the above problems. The anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable sleeve is to combine the effect of heat shrinkable tube and anti-skid tube together, so that it can be easily put on the racket and the fishing tackle and heated with a hot-air gun for one minute. The product has the characteristics of antiskid, beautiful, wear-resistant, soft, fast weakening and clear function. Holding hand feeling is very good. It can completely solve the sensitivity of throwing the racket by hand slide and increase the product trust.
The anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable sleeve is made of cross-linked polyolefin material, which has good insulation and voltage resistance function. The non-toxic and tasteless raw material is certified by RoHS and reach for environmental protection. The manufacturing process of the anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable sleeve is simple. It is to process and polish the ordinary color heat shrinkable tube to produce the reticular or fish scale pattern, so as to increase the friction of the surface and have the effect of non slip.

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