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Composition of cable accessories

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Composition of cable accessories

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Composition of cable accessories means that as a supporting product of the cable, a set is used as a unit, and which products are included in its composition and construction.
When selling overseas, customers see that our cable accessories are all packaged for each set. When quoting to customers, what we are talking about is the price of a set of cable accessories. Of course, there are some customers who just need a part of them. It can be negotiated with our sales staff and purchased separately.
Composition of cable accessories is related to the type of cable accessories. The same thing is that cable accessories include two types of cable terminal kits and intermediate connections. According to the material classification, they can be divided into two types of cold shrink and heat shrink. These aspects introduce the composition of cable accessories.
Composition of cable accessories is related to different voltage levels. If it is the low-voltage cable terminal kits, its composition is relatively simple. It is composed of insulation tubes and finger sleeve. If it is the high-voltage cable terminal kits, there are relatively many parts, including insulation tubes, stress tubes, finger sleeve, sealed tubes, tools, etc., each of them plays a different role and is indispensable;
The same is true for heat shrink intermediate connections. If it is the low-voltage heat shrink intermediate connections, it is composed of sheath tubes and branch tubes. If it is the high-voltage intermediate connections, including sheath tubes, stress tubes, tool kits and many others. This is in line with the requirements during operation. The higher the voltage level, the higher the operation requirements.
Cold shrinkable products of cable accessories are actually similar to something mentioned above. Although cold shrink and heat shrink products have the essential difference in raw materials, they play the same role. They also have similar places in the product composition, and they also have high and low voltages. The points also include two types of products, terminal kits and intermediate connections. If customers have any questions, welcome to consult.

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