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HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT is a common hardware tool in daily life, its product performance is very stable, can meet the needs of customers.
HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT looks from appearance, resemble a small umbrella, have distinctive umbrella form outline, this one distinctive design also drew out its use action. HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT have another name calls it rain skirt, just as its name implies the short skirt that the girl wears when resembling summer is same, cabinet and lovely
At present, the main color of HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT is red. SUZHOU FEIBO HEAT & COLD SHRINKABLE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD can customize the color for you according to the requirements of customers.
HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT material is made of radiation crosslinking technology and polyolefin composite material.It has a semi - guide type cap and insulation division.

HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT can effectively prevent the formation of sewage flow and can increase the creepage distance on the surface of the HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT with high tracking index, is mainly used in outdoor high-voltage terminal in the head, effectively avoid the outdoor environment caused by the cable termination process of flashing and creepage phenomenon occurs so relatively safe stable indoor environment is not need to use cable umbrella skirt
The types of  
HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT are 10KV and 35KV. The applicable area of 10KV squared is 1#(25-50㎡),2#(70-120㎡),3#(150-240㎡),4#(300-500㎡); The applicable area of 35KV squared is 1#(50-120㎡),2#(150-240㎡),3#(300-500㎡); In addition, the  HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT has single hole umbrella skirt and three hole board umbrella skirt
 In addition to the 
HARDWARE TOOL CABLE UMBRELLA SKIRT, there are also cold skirt. The effect of cold shrinkable umbrella skirt is basically the same as that of thermal shrinkable umbrella skirt. However, cold shrinkable umbrella skirt is an integral part of cold shrinkable terminal with insulation layer. It has good performance, such as anti-creep, pollution and low temperature resistance

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