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Heat shrink tube cutting

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Heat shrink tube cutting

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It can be said that heat shrink tube cutting is an incidental service that we provide to customers. For customers, it is more convenient to use.
Many customers will have heat shrink tube cutting requirements. When customers use it, they will want the length of the heat shrink tube to correspond to the cover object. The length of the cover object is different. The requirements for the length of the tube also different. As a manufacturer of heat shrink tube, tubes we sell are usually based on disks. Different specifications of heat shrink tubes have different meters per roll. For example, the 25mm diameter heat shrink tube, it is 25m/roll when sold externally. If the customer needs to cut continuous 25m into several equal parts, we can also provide this service.
When providing heat shrink tube cutting services, we usually determine the required length with the customer, and then use the computer control tube cutting machine to set the cutting length to the customer's needs, customers can rest assured, although we use the computer control tube cutting machine, in a responsible manner for customers, we will arrange staff to take care of it and manually measure the cut length to ensure the accuracy.
In fact, during the sales process, it is not difficult to find that there are not a few customers with heat shrink tube cutting requirements. This may be related to the versatility of heat shrink tube. The performance of heat shrink tube insulation protection makes more customers use this product not only in industrial products, but also in daily life. 

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