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whether the heat shrinkable tube can be waterproof

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whether the heat shrinkable tube can be waterproof

Release date:2020-03-21 author:admin Click:

Recently, a client from Holland asked about the transparent heat shrinkable tube. After many counter-offer email communications, we learned that what the client needs is a transparent tube with a flattened width of 90mm and 140mm, which requires insulation and sealing, with flame retardant and UV protection. In addition, he asked whether the heat shrinkable tube can be waterproof. These are the characteristics of the heat shrinkable pipe itself, but we have to confirm with the customer again and again on the waterproof standard. Because it is not clear about the specific use environment of the customer, what kind of waterproof is required by him. Just like the waterproof function advertised by Apple's mobile phone, it's waterproof, but it doesn't mean that the mobile phone can't break after being thrown into the water. Waterproof is divided into grades, the following Xiaobian will tell you whether the heat shrinkable tube can be waterproof.
The working principle of heat shrinkable pipe is to evenly heat the expanded heat shrinkable pipe with heat source, so that the contraction around it is even and flat, so as to tightly wrap the object, so as to achieve the effect of insulation and sealing. But the ordinary heat shrinkable pipe does not have glue, it only depends on the shrinkable wrapping object during installation, so it can only achieve the general waterproof effect. Because Dutch customers mentioned whether the heat shrinkable tube can be waterproof can be waterproof or not, if the waterproof effect is better, we recommend another product——Double wall heat shrinkable tube with adhesive. The inner layer of the double wall pipe is coated with a thin layer of hot melt adhesive, which will melt after heating. With the retraction of the hot melt adhesive of the heat shrinkable pipe, the heat shrinkable pipe and the object will be tightly bonded together. The hot-melt adhesive fills the gap between the heat shrinkable pipe and the object, achieving a good waterproof sealing effect.
In addition, in addition to whether the heat shrinkable tube can be waterproof, the customer also mentioned the performance of flame retardant. Ordinary PE flame-retardant heat shrinkable pipe can not be made transparent, because the added flame retardant is the raw material with color, which will affect the transparency of the final product.

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