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High pressure busbar heat shrink tube

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High pressure busbar heat shrink tube

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High pressure busbar heat shrink tube, belong to one of the types of heat shrink tube and are a popular product in the market.
For manufacturers, compared with low pressure heat shrink tube, the latter has a higher market share and wider application fields. High pressure busbar heat shrink tube are used in high-voltage areas. Therefore, when the product is used, it will be relatively limited. Different types of products will have different product properties and attributes, it is important to choose products that meet actual needs.
High pressure busbar heat shrink tube have always been used in high-pressure cabinets and other common products. For high pressure busbar heat shrink tube, the objects or occasions for using are also high-voltage types. It is forbidden to use low pressure products under high pressure conditions, which is for safety considerations, and it is not recommended to use high pressure products under low pressure conditions due to cost considerations and makes the best use of it. The right product should be used in the right place.
Although the demand for high pressure busbar heat shrink tube is not as much as that for low pressure heat shrink tube, they can be used in many specific occasions, and the market demand is stable. High pressure busbar heat shrink tube. The conventional spot includes three colors of red, green and yellow. These three colors have different meanings and are the three most commonly used colors on the market. The rest also include blue, black and others, production can also be arranged.
High pressure busbar heat shrink tube, although we introduced that they are used in high pressure areas, including two types, 8.7/15kv and 26/35kv, there is not much difference in color. From the perspective of packaging, the former is 25 meters per roll, the later is 20 meters per roll, with different specifications for customers to choose. For customers, to choose the appropriate product specifications, too large or too small, inappropriate will affect the product itself, is not conducive to the full play of product insulation protection effect.

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