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Advantages of copper terminal blocks

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Advantages of copper terminal blocks

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Nowadays, the application of copper terminals is very wide, mainly because this product is mainly used as a connector in the industry to perform some electrical connection work. For example, when there is time between two wires, it is necessary to make a short connection, that is, sometimes it needs to be connected and disconnected. If we use some welding or other winding to connect them together, connect If you need to do this every time, it will be more troublesome, so copper terminal blocks will be used. This product is very convenient and fast.
In the last part, we learned about the copper terminal block and probably knew how to choose a better copper terminal block. Today we will talk about the advantages of copper terminal blocks.
Advantages of copper terminal blocks——First, conductive material
Copper terminal blocks are pure copper. The high-quality copper content is between 99.5% and 99.955. The conductivity is unquestionable. Regarding the copper purity of the copper connection terminal, it can be compared with the color of the cable core.
Advantages of copper terminal blocks——Second, rich variety
According to the various requirements in the market, there are many types of copper terminal blocks. In terms of material, there are zinc-plated copper brass, etc. In appearance, there are single-hole and double-hole, some are ring-shaped and some are open.
Advantages of copper terminal blocks——Third, a wide range of uses
Different types of copper terminal blocks can be used to meet various environmental requirements, such as peephole SC series, middle bare end L series, marine series, DTL copper and aluminum source single control and double hole series, CAL series and DT series, etc. Can meet the requirements of plug-in, spring-type or rail-type through-wall.
The advantages of copper terminal blocks are not limited to the above three points, but also the fine workmanship, high cost performance and simple installation and maintenance. I hope that these articles will help everyone understand this product. If you want to learn more, you can follow the news updates on our website at any time!

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