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Cold shrink terminal tube

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Cold shrink terminal tube

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Cold shrink terminal tube is a supporting product of high voltage cold shrink cable terminal kits, and it is also an indispensable product for the complete set of cold shrink terminal kit.
Some customers do not even know what type of cold shrink terminal tube is, because in the past sales, there were almost no customers who bought the cold shrink terminal tube separately. Here is to let us deepen their understanding of this accessory product.
Cold shrink terminal tube is actually an accessory product used in the installation of the cold shrink cable terminal kit, for indoor and outdoor points. This is based on the area where the cold shrink terminal is installed. Cold shrink terminal kit is not equipped with the rain skirt separately. Friends who often contact our industry know that high voltage heat shrink terminal kits, 10kv outdoors are equipped with rain skirts separately. If it is 35kv heat shrink terminal kits, both indoors and outdoors are equipped with rain skirts, the difference is that the quantity is different. Cold shrink terminal kits and rain skirt are fixed to the cold shrink terminal tube during production. Cold shrink is made of silicone rubber and is flexible.
Cold shrink products have been widely welcomed by the market in recent years. Compared with heat shrink products, cold shrink products are more convenient and installers work more efficiently. At the same time, because the shrink process is completed under natural conditions, external heating is not required, which is more security.
Customers who want to know more about the cold shrink terminal tube can contact our sales staff to give you professional advice and judgment.

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