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Waterproof heat shrinkable tube with glue

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Waterproof heat shrinkable tube with glue

Release date:2020-04-10 author:admin Click:

Some customers will ask when buying: "Is the heat shrinkable tube waterproof?", "Is there a kind of waterproof heat shrinkable tube?" The general heat shrinkable tube can only achieve the effect of insulation and sealing. The degree of waterproofing cannot be achieved, but Suzhou Feibo has a kind of heat shrinkable tube, that is, double-wall heat shrinkable tube with glue.
The outer layer of the double-walled heat-shrinkable tube with glue is a protective layer made of polyolefin material, which has wear-resistant properties, and the inner layer is a layer of hot-melt adhesive with waterproof effect. Because of this two-layer structure, it is simply referred to as double Wall tube. Because the hot-melt adhesive in the double-walled tube can achieve waterproof effect, it is also called waterproof heat shrinkable tube.
Next, let's talk about the use of this kind of waterproof heat shrinkable tube, such as repairing cables. First put the double-walled waterproof heat shrinkable tube with glue into one end of the cable, then tie the cable, and then move the double-walled heat-shrinkable tube to the knotted place. It is best to keep the overlap in the middle of the heat shrinkable tube. Use a hot baking gun to heat from the middle to both ends uniformly to make the double-walled waterproof heat shrinkable tube with glue shrink evenly, so as to wrap the cable. As the heat-shrinkable tube shrinks and tightens, a part of it will be squeezed out from the two sections and overflow will occur. Here I would like to highlight with our customers and friends that this glue overflow phenomenon is inevitable when the double-walled tube is used. Only when the hot melt adhesive overflows can the true sealing and waterproof effect be achieved. If the double-wall waterproof heat shrinkable tube with glue you purchased does not have this phenomenon, then you should pay attention to that the inner layer of the heat-shrinkable tube is not enough for sealing and waterproof performance to be considered.
The main performance of the double-walled waterproof heat shrinkable tube with glue is moisture-proof and waterproof. Most of them are used in environments with excessive water vapor, harsh outdoor places or buried wires. The outer layer of Suzhou Feibo's waterproof heat shrinkable tube is wear-resistant, and the inner layer is waterproof, forming a double-layer reliable and strict insulation protection layer, which can work in water for a long time. Welcome to inquire and purchase!

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