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Two-color heat shrink tube

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Two-color heat shrink tube

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Two-color heat shrink tube means that the tube customers come to buy contains two colors.
As far as the current situation is concerned, whether for heat shrink tube manufacturer or on the market, commonly two-color heat shrink tube are for yellow and green, which is related to the role of the heat shrink tube. For the ground wire, maybe you have seen the wire. Yellow and green colors are also included in the wires of different colors.
Of course, it is not to say that two-color heat shrink tube can only be yellow and green during the production process. When the two-color heat shrink tube is mentioned in the market, we will naturally think of the yellow and green color. From the manufacturer's point of view, the tubes we produce are which customers need, or the products that are sold in the market. The production process of two-color heat shrink tube is no different. It also includes the granulation, extrusion, scattering, expansion and packaging processes.Heat shrink tube presents different colors, because in the first process of granulation, we will mix the raw material particles with the color masterbatch. The color of heat shrink tube we can see is determined at this time, except for special color customization, production of heat shrink tube of conventional colors, no matter in terms of cost ratio or production process, there is not much difference.
The above mentioned is the same for two-color heat shrink tube. When the two-color heat shrink tube is extruded, the particles of two colors are co-extruded, and these two color appear on the same tube. In addition to yellow and green, under the same operation mode, any combination of two colors can be achieved, that is to say, two-color heat shrink tube is not limited to the yellow and green color, but can also be other two colors, just saying that there is less market demand , But if the customer determines the need, we can also arrange production, such as red and yellow, red and green, etc.

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