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How to distinguish the quality of nylon termination

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How to distinguish the quality of nylon termination

Release date:2020-05-30 author:admin Click:

Nowadays, there are a lot of fish and dragons in the market. Nylon terminations are rich in specifications and specifications, and there are more and more manufacturers, but the quality of the products is uneven. Do you know what is the difference between good and bad? Today, I will introduce to you how to distinguish the quality of nylon termination.
How to distinguish the quality of nylon termination——1.Appearance
In terms of appearance, the treatment of any nylon end is more demanding during the entire production process, so as to ensure the protective effect of the shell on the equipment. The appearance of high-quality nylon tips is bright and bright, and there is no residue of any other materials on the surface. Let's compare it first. Inferior nylon ends are improper in appearance treatment due to their own product quality problems. Such products must have a certain damage rate, which is difficult to ensure the safe and stable operation of the line.
How to distinguish the quality of nylon termination——2.Thickness
The thickness we are talking about here refers to the thickness of the copper fittings inside the nylon end. This factor plays an important role in the quality of the wire of the product. Generally, high-quality terminals are made of thick copper fittings, so as to ensure the conductivity of the product. On the contrary, the low-quality ends use very thin copper sheets, so the stability when conducting electricity is definitely poor, and the quality of the conduction cannot be guaranteed. When this kind of poor quality product is used, it can not only keep the electrical appliances running normally, but also cause frequent failures or even damage to the machine.
How to distinguish the quality of nylon termination——3.Price
The price factor is complementary to the appearance and thickness mentioned above. If you want a bright and bright appearance without impurities, the thicker copper parts are uniform and the thickness is uniform. The cost is placed there, plus labor, hydropower, etc., and the price will not be very low. . Those nylon end manufacturers that sell at very low prices in the market have used low cost and other materials or strengths to replace raw materials in the manufacturing process. Some of them cannot be accurately judged from the appearance alone.
I would like to remind you here that high prices are not necessarily good quality. When purchasing nylon terminations, you still need to consider the above three aspects.

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