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Production process of heat shrink tube

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Production process of heat shrink tube

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Production process of heat shrink tube is the process of producing heat shrinka tube from raw materials to the final products, including granulation, extrusion, irradiation and expansion. Below we will introduce different production processes in detail.
Granulation for the production process of heat shrink tube
Granulation is the first process. According to the product formula determined by the manufacturer, raw materials are mixed according to the product ratio to produce the plastic particles that are needed for production to provide preparation for subsequent production. It is worth mentioning that different production manufacturers have different product formulas. For manufacturers, product formulas are the core of products and should be determined after repeated trials to ensure that products produced according to the formulas have balanced physical, chemical, and electrical properties.
Extrusion for 
the production process of heat shrink tube
Extrusion process is that we pour the plastic particles produced in the previous step into a screw extruder. After the plastic particles are heated, they are extruded into a fixed tubular object, single-wall heat shrink tube, double-wall heat shrink tube, busbar heat shrink tube, etc., all have this processing procedure, which is also an important step. The completion of extrusion process makes thetube shaped and processed from particles into tubular objects, which facilitates the development of subsequent processes.
Irradiation for the production process of heat shrink tube
Irradiation is the process that requires external processing. The irradiation of the electron accelerator can change the internal molecular structure of heat shrink tube from the initial linear molecular structure to the network structure, so that the final product shrinks back to the extruded state after heating, and has shrinking properties.
Expansion for the production process of heat shrink tube
Expansion means that after the irradiation process is completed, expanding the diameter of heat shrink tube under high temperature conditions and cools it quickly. Fixed the diameter that customers can see when purchasing the tube is the diameter after expansion.

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