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Common problems of heat shrink tube

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Common problems of heat shrink tube

Release date:2020-07-15 author:admin Click:

Heat shrink tube seems to be simple to use, but it will inevitably cause some problems when used, especially when heat shrink tube is heated in large quantities, this problem is more likely to occur, so it is easy to affect the efficiency, so in order to prevent and solve these problems, here are some common problems.
1. Many different heat shrink tube stick to each other during heating, which causes holes in the product heating process. This kind of problem is common. Also this is the case for inexperienced customers. The best preventive method that is to put heat shrink tube that need to be heated on the corrugated paper in order to avoid a mess, so that it can be effectively avoided.
2. Heat shrink tube with the length of more than 50cm has blistered during the shrinking process. Most of the problems in this case are incorrect in the heating method. If you use a lighter or a blower, etc. equipment, do not directly heat from the middle during the heating process, but need to slowly confirm from left to right that each section is fully heated, and then slowly move to avoid the air remaining inside.
3. Shrinking problem occurs due to stretching heat shrink tube. Generally, common heat shrink tube stretching will be controlled within 5%. If it exceeds, it is likely to occur problems. If you want a lower stretch rate, it requires custom heat shrink tube.
4. Heat shrink tube with the thicker wall maybe shrinks slowly, which is caused by the low shrink ratio. If you are using the tube with a higher thickness, you can choose a higher ratio so that it can shrink faster. Or you can also use an ultra-thin heat shrink tube instead of purchase a higher ratio to have a fast shrinking speed.
5. The color of heat shrink tube will be changed, this situation is normal. There are many colors of heat shrink tube. If the color changes during the heating process, it is for the main material color has changed. Generally, the color changed will not have effect on the tube. It can be used with confidence.

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