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Heat shrink sleeve

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Heat shrink sleeve

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Heat shrink sleeve products can not only be used for insulation protection of wires and cables, but also for metal products. We know that many metal products do not have good anti-corrosion performance and anti-rust performance, and metal products are widely used, and will be used in some relatively humid or harsh environments or dangerous places, which will affect metals.
Environment may have a great impact on the product quality, which will cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal product, that is, an oxidation reaction, which will reduce the surface hardness and fatigue resistance of the metal product and affect the service life of the metal product. Due to its characteristics, heat shrink sleeve meet the protection requirements of metal products in these harsh environments. It has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, and can provide a protective film for metal products to prevent metal products and air. Contact to fundamentally solve the problems of rust and corrosion.
Many people in life will use one type of heat shrink sleeve for different diameter wire products. In fact, there are many specifications of heat shrink sleeve. Different types of heat shrink sleeve correspond to the right diameter wire harness products. When choosing, it should be noted that the selected heat shrink sleeve is larger than the diameter of the wire harness, and the inner diameter of heat shrink sleeve after shrinking is smaller than the wire harness product.

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