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10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories

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10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories

Release date:2020-09-12 author:admin Click:

Today we are talking about the 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories. The cold shrinkable cable accessory consists of two parts: the cold shrinkable cable terminal and the cold shrinkable cable intermediate connection.
The 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories can also be called the 8.7/15kv cold shrinkable cable accessories.
Because 10kv is a high withstand voltage, the cold shrinkable cable terminations in the 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories are divided into indoor and outdoor. But the cold shrinkable intermediate connection is not divided into indoors and outdoors regardless of the pressure level. What I want to remind here is that the indoor cold shrinkable cable terminal can never be used outdoors. This kind of operation has certain risks. I hope that our customers can know.
10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories are made of silicone rubber. Due to its special production and processing technology, it has the following advantages:
1. The construction can be operated without using an open flame. The operator only needs to extract the white plastic support bar in the pipe to complete the installation. The 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories will quickly retract according to its high elastic energy, making the cold-shrink cable The attachment is closely attached to the cable (Install according to the installation instructions supplied with the manufacturer).
2. Because the 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories do not require an open flame, it is very suitable for places where open flames are prohibited, such as oil, chemical, mining and other areas.
3. The terminal body of the 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories is equipped with a cold shrinkable finger breakout, a cold shrinkable insulating tube and a cold shrinkable terminal sealing tube. The cold shrinkable cable intermediate connection adopts a three-layer waterproof sealing process and has excellent sealing and moisture resistance to the accessories. The 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories has the characteristics of anti-pollution, anti-aging and water repellency, and also has excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance and UV resistance, and long-term use performance is stable. Therefore, it is suitable for high altitude areas, cold areas, humid areas, salt spray areas and heavily polluted areas.
4. The 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories are easy to install and has low technical dependence and easy to master.
The above is the full content of the 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories. Friends who are interested in the cold shrinkable cable accessories are welcome to consult and understand.

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