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Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes

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Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes

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When did the heat shrink tube appear and have it developed so far? What kind of differentiation did the heat shrinkable tube have? Today let us understand the Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes.
The history of the 
Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes goes back to the 1950s. In 1959, A. Charlesby and his student Pinner co-published the first patent on radiation-crosslinking heat-shrinkable materials for his company, Raychem, which proposed the "Charlesby-Pinner relationship" and laid the foundation After the foundation of developing heat shrinkable materials, Raychem developed the "polyethylene heat shrinkable tube", that is, heat shrinkable tube, and then through continuous technical improvement, heat shrinkable products have been widely used worldwide American 3M, Sumitomo, Evergreen, Walshing and Suzhou Feibo are all doing this, mainly for insulation protection.
Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes will have different materials according to the use environment. For example, Teflon heat shrinkable tubes, silicone heat shrinkable tubes, EPDM heat shrinkable tubes, etc., which are used at high temperature, are also used for decoration. , Such as non-slip heat shrink tubing.
Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes is divided into different pressure levels, heat shrinkable tubes of different colors, and heat shrinkable tubes of various shrinkage rates according to the requirements of different applications.
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