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Parameters to determine when purchasing heat shrink tube

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Parameters to determine when purchasing heat shrink tube

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Heat shrink tube is a special protective tube that shrinks due to heat. At present, there are many specifications and parameters of heat shrink tube. You should choose according to your own situation during the purchase process, otherwise inappropriate heat shrink tube will not provide good protection effect. Here are parameters to determine when purchasing heat shrink tube


Heat shrink tube currently has a wide range of uses in insulation protection measures, corrosion and rust prevention, solder joints and wiring harnesses. If you want to choose a suitable heat shrink tube, you need to determine the following parameters.


Determine the size

The size of heat shrink tube is an important factor in the purchase process. If the size is not suitable, it will not be completely wrapped after shrinking, which will affect the protection. Therefore, the corresponding size needs to be determined first, which requires correct measurement methods and accurate use. The measuring tool, usually uses a ruler or a vernier caliper with a smaller scale to measure the maximum and minimum diameters of the object being covered. Then select the size of heat shrink tube that is greater than about 20% of the actual measured value to provide a certain shrink space for heat shrink tube.


Determine the temperature resistance of the covered object

Different objects have different sensitivity to temperature. It is necessary to determine the temperature resistance of the cobered object when purchasing heat shrink tube. The steady state temperature of some objects is not high, and the temperature beyond the certain limit will affect its functional performance. Types of heat shrink tube have different degrees of high temperature resistance, so choose the corresponding type of heat shrink tube according to the condition of the object.


Determine the shrink ratio of heat shrink tube

Shrink ratio is one of the important factors. The most common heat shrink tube shrink ratio on the market are mostly 3:1 and 2:1. For some irregular shapes, you need to choose a higher heat shrink ratio, and ordinary heat shrink tubes are sufficient for objects with relatively regular surfaces. After-sales heat shrink tube manufacturers can make corresponding improvements and customizations according to the customer's final use environment.

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