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Continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube

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Continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube

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The heat shrinkable tube produced by Suzhou Feibo Cold Heat Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. is mainly 1KV low-pressure thin-walled heat shrinkable tube, which is the ordinary heat shrinkable tube of 125℃ on the market. There are also 135℃, 150 ℃, 175℃, 200℃ or even higher temperature. But today we are not talking about high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubing, I will tell you the continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube.
How to judge the continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube? The application of heat shrinkable tubing is in various environments. From the perspective of product design, it is impossible for us to simulate various places of use for experiments. Therefore, it is more comprehensive to consider some heat shrinkable tubing. Use conditions, and then evaluate the material properties of the heat shrinkable tube accordingly. For materials, they will become harder and brittle at low temperatures. Therefore, in general, the flexibility of the heat shrinkable tube is tested. In addition, a heavy object is used to impact it to see if it will break; while high temperature is for materials, The main reason is the aging of the material, so the tensile strength of the material is tested under high temperature conditions, elongation at break, elastic modulus, etc.; for double-walled pipes, the softening point and melting point of the adhesive layer are also evaluated.
The continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube, we usually can see the continuous use temperature, or the continuous use temperature, in some product catalogs or product technical documents. The thin-walled heat-shrinkable tubing produced by our Suzhou Fibo is characterized by fast shrinkage, generally around 80 degrees Celsius will begin to shrink. The minimum full shrinkage temperature is only 110℃, and the temperature resistance rating is 125℃.
From the application point of view, the continuous working temperature is more intuitive, which refers to the actual ambient temperature of the heat shrinkable tube in the specific environment of use, for example, in the winter when the temperature is low, the heat shrinkable tube cannot harden and become brittle. , The heat-shrinkable tube cannot be softened due to the high temperature in summer, or for some conductive heating components, the heat-shrinkable tube may become ineffective during continuous operation. Therefore, Suzhou Fibo recommends that when customers use our thin-walled heat-shrinkable tube, the continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube is best controlled between -40℃~+60℃, of course, the instantaneous temperature can reach more than 100 degrees or even With Baidu, you can rest assured that there will be no problems with the product.

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