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Middle wall tube

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Middle wall tube

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Middle wall tube is also heat shrinkable products. Compared with heat shrink tube and heat shrink cable accessories, the market demand for middle wall tube is less, which is related to the nature of the product.
When it comes to middle wall tube, customers may not know this product well, but when it comes to double wall tube, they should not be unfamiliar. In the previous article, we have introduced double wall tube many times, which is also called heat shrink with glue. And the inner wall of middle wall tube is also glued. Then the customer will find it strange. What is the difference between middle wall tube and double wall tube? Although both of them are glued, the ways of applying glue are different.
Double wall tube is co-extrusion of raw materials and glue. In other words, double wall tube is extruded with glue. They are not painted after the tube is formed in the later stage. Middle wall tube is different. Middle wall tube, the tube is first produced, and then the finished product is processed later, and the product is glued. This is also the obvious difference between these two.
Middle wall tube is one of our many products. The product adopts the direct coating method and the mechanized operation of the automatic coating machine. The coating is uniform and the surface is smooth. Friends who often come into contact with middle wall tube should know that there are actually two ways of gluing middle wall tube, spiral gluing and direct coating. Our Suzhou Feibo adopts the direct coating method to further ensure product quality. Customers can rest assured use.
At present, customers’ demand for middle wall tube is mostly black. This is the same as the market demand for double wall tube. In fact, in addition to black, colored middle wall tube can also be arranged for production. For manufacturers, although the colors are different, there is no difference in the production process of products. Colored middle wall tube is rarely required by customers, but it does not mean that production will not be arranged. If customers need it, we can also arrange production. 

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