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High pressure heat shrink tube

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High pressure heat shrink tube

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High pressure heat shrink tube is a kind of tube fitting that is used on busbar and is wrapped around the busbar after heating. It has the functions of insulation, rust prevention, corrosion prevention, and reduction of the interval. It is often used in special places such as high-voltage transformers. When customers purchase high pressure heat shrink tube, they are often "overwhelmed" by the dazzling high pressure heat shrink products on the market, so how can they buy high pressure heat shrink tube that meets their requirements?


1. High pressure heat shrink tube, purchasing according to the main parameters of the required specifications and models

From the aspect of raw materials, high pressure heat shrink tube on the market has two kinds of raw materials: PE and radiation cross-linked polyolefin. Generally speaking, high pressure heat shrink tube made of polyolefin high-tech raw materials has better characteristics: it is more reliable , the closing speed is quite fast, and it is more resistant to abrasion and impact. At the specification level, high pressure heat shrink tube with the same or slightly larger diameter as the busbar tube are generally purchased.


2. High pressure heat shrink tube, purchasing according to the required characteristics

The rated voltage of high pressure heat shrink tube generally exceeds 10KV. The larger the value, the greater the working voltage and compressive strength it can bear. Generally, low pressure heat shrink tube is often used that do not require working voltage, and high pressure heat shrink tube can also be used instead. Low pressure heat shrink tube must not be used in areas where high pressure heat shrink tube is used, otherwise there will be huge safety risks.


3. High pressure heat shrink tube, make purchases based on manufacturers and well-known brands

Which product is good for high pressure heat shrink tube, which well-known brand is good for high pressure heat shrink tube, is a headache for customers. Generally, it is recommended that customers buy high pressure heat shrink tube from large manufacturers and well-known brands. The reason is that high pressure heat shrink tube involves a safety hazard of hundreds of thousands of volts, and large manufacturers do not care about production volume, product research and development capabilities, and technology. Strength or pre-sales service and after-sales maintenance service can show a stronger guarantee for the quality and safety factor of the product.

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