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Low-pressure heat shrink tube

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Low-pressure heat shrink tube

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Low-pressure heat shrink tube, which is used in low-voltage areas, has the heat shrink properties, which is the main feature of this product.
From the perspective of the professional field, heat shrink tubes are mainly used in power supply cable departments. According to the different fields of use, there will be high and low voltages. Low voltage mainly refers to the voltage value in the range of 0.6kv to 1kv. Of course, in addition to low-pressure heat shrink tube, there are also high-pressure heat shrink tube, which are suitable for use in areas with higher pressure resistance.
From the perspective of daily life, in fact, heat shrink tube we often use are low-pressure heat shrink tube. Daily life needs, unless customers have requirements for the wall thickness of the product, under normal circumstances, low-pressure heat shrink tube can meet needs. In daily life, the electrical equipment we touch is usually 220v, and there is still a gap between the low-voltage range value in the professional field mentioned above, when customers come to buy heat shrink tube, they can explain the purpose of the product to the sales staff so that customers can make better judgments and recommendations.
Low-pressure heat shrink tube is one of our product categories that has larger sales and demands. Low-pressure heat shrink tube has complete product specifications. The diameter of the tube varies from small to large. Different customers have different product uses and different sizes of quilt objects. Customers can choose their favorite products.
In addition, the color of low-pressure heat shrink tube is also a point that have to mention here. In fact, the color of heat shrink tube maybe different from different manufacturers with their own characteristics. Low-pressure heat shrink tube produced by Suzhou Feibo has conventional colors like red, green, yellow, blue and black, and is more inclined to bright colors. Many customers choose to cooperate with us because they like our colors.
Low-pressure heat shrink tube is also simple and convenient to use. Using heating tools, the product will shrink after being heated, and after it is completely shrinked and covered on the surface of the object, it can be used for insulation protection.

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