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heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods

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heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods

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The application fields of heat shrinkable tubing are very wide. Generally, heat shrinkable busbar bushings with voltage resistance above 10KV are mainly used in cables or substations. However, 1KV low voltage heat shrinkable tubing is more widely used in life. It can often be used, such as repairing mobile phone data lines, wrapping rod-like objects, etc. Today, the editor will talk about the heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods.
Before talking about the use of heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods, let’s briefly talk about fishing rods to let everyone know why it is important to use heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods when fishing. The ancients used wood for fishing rods, but wooden fishing rods are not hard and flexible and break easily. Therefore, most fishing rods on the market are made of two materials, one is glass fiber reinforced plastic products and the other is pure carbon or carbon products with reinforced materials.
The fishing rods are also painted with paint and decorated with patterns, but some manufacturers are not very responsible for bringing substandard fishing rods into the market, such as bulges or recesses on the fishing rods. And these decorative paints on the fishing rods are applied later through the manufacturing process, and they may fall off after a long time. If there are bulges or recesses, the paint will fall off more quickly. At this time, we need to use the heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods. The heat-shrinkable tube is wrapped on it to make up for or prevent the paint from falling.
One of the uses of heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods is decoration and can also be counted as a mark for your own fishing rod, and another function is to prevent slippage. When fishing big fish, it takes a long time to consume the physical strength of the fish, and the fish has a strong explosive power, so the angler must hold the fishing rod tightly. The use of heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods can help prevent fish The rod slips in the palm of the hand, etc.
So how to choose heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods? The fishing rod has several sections and one section is thinner than one section, but we only need to put a heat-shrinkable tube on the thickest section of the fishing rod we hold. The heat shrinkable tubing for fishing rods mainly depends on the thickness of the fishing rod itself to select the specifications, and you can communicate with our sales staff for details.

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