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Cold shrinkable series products

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Cold shrinkable series products

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Cold shrinkable series products are another flagship series of products for Suzhou Feibo.
So-called cold shrinkable, is actually shrinking at natural temperature. Whether it is heat shrinkable or cold shrinkable series products, it needs to shrink before it can be wrapped on the surface of the object to play the role of insulation and protection, but the shrinking method is different. Heat shrinkable needs external heating to meet the temperature requirements, and cold shrinkable can be completed under normal temperature conditions.
Cold shrinkable series products are a general category, which contains many products, including cold shrinkable tubes, cold shrinkable cable terminal kits, cold shrinkable intermediate connections, etc. Different products have different uses and can play different roles. As electric power commonly used items, cold shrinkable series products are more often used in conjunction with cables.
According to different classification standards, supporting products will also have different classifications. Taking cold shrinkable cable terminal kits as an example, they can be divided into according to different voltage levels. There are low voltage 0.6/1kv, medium voltage 8.7/15kv and high voltage 26/35kv. Depending on the number of cable squares, the supporting cold shrinkable series products range from 25 square to 400 square.
Cold shrinkable series products are also convenient in operation. This is also the reason why cold shrinkable series products have gradually been welcomed by the market in recent years. In the market demand trend, the proportion of cold shrinkable products is gradually increasing. In fact, there are obvious differences in the production process of heat and cold shrinkable series products. Different manufacturers have different business strategies for production choices. Suzhou Feibo takes both into account to provide customers with convenience.
Cold shrinkable series products are made of liquid silicone rubber and are vulcanized. The products are flexible. When using, only need to draw out the white support strips lined in the spiral pattern without heating. Safety factor during operation is much higher, it can also improve the work efficiency of operators. This advantage cannot be compared with heat shrinkable products, but the price of cold shrinkable series products will be relatively higher. Customers can choose by themselves .

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