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Cold shrinkable insulation tubes

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Cold shrinkable insulation tubes

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Today we are talking about cold shrinkable insulation tubes. The cold shrinkable products of Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. are made of silicone rubber.
The main advantage of cold shrinkable insulation tubes is its excellent material properties, it can be installed without heating, it has high elasticity, the interface performance can be greatly improved, and the installation is more convenient. It only needs to be in the correct position. Simply pull out the white plastic support strip lining the cold shrinkable insulation tubes.
What we want to say here is that the most important thing before using cold shrinkable insulation tubes for construction is to confirm whether the size matches the cable to be installed. This is one of the most basic preparations before installation.
The above mentioned the advantages of cold shrinkable insulation tubes. Next, let’s talk about the principle. The electric field treatment generally uses geometric structure method and parameter control method to deal with the problem of electric stress concentration. In actual work, this method is easier to control and test.
Because of these characteristics, cold shrinkable products can be used more and more widely. There are three types of cold shrinkable insulation tubes according to the pressure rating, 1kv, 10kv and 35kv cold shrinkable insulation tubes. The basic parameters of cold shrinkable insulation tubes will be different due to the different pressure levels. For example, the wall thickness of these three are obvious differences.

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